Think inside the subscription box!

What is BackersBox?

BackersBox Lets your fans support you every month and save money and time on things they need everyday.

 We curate and deliver monthly supply of personal hygiene necessities to your fans at 25-30% below retail.

 We pass the profit to you.

 Plus we handle everything. Just share your storefront with your audience and start receiving subscriptions.

We are leveraging your fans basic needs so that they can support you more regularly at no extra cost. So why wait until they have extra bucks to donate if we can put you right inside their monthly budget?

Ready to start earning profit instead of donation?

Why Start a BackersBox?

We’ve pioneered a new crowfunding model that creators are excited about and IT MIGHT JUST BE WHAT YOU NEED to start earning more.

More Like a Salary

You will be earning predictable, recurring income every month.

Beyond Donation Buttons

Your fans don’t need to spend extra to support you, instead, you earn from proceeds of their monthly expenditure.

Commitment Free

Unlike patreon, you don’t need to commit to creating fresh exclusive content every month.

Hands Free

We do the heavy lifting. We give you a storefront and handle procurement, fulfillment, shipping, billing and customer service. All you have to do is share and earn.

How It Works

Join Free

When you join, we give you a storefront with the subscription box to share with your fans.

Share & Earn

All you have to do is share. And for every box shipped to your fan, the profit goes to you.

Get Paid

Track your monthly earnings on your dashboard and withdraw whenever you want.

Who Is It for?

BackersBox is the NEW WAY for all kinds of creators to earn more from fans.

It is perfect for:

Bands & Artists
Writers, Blogs and Newsletters
Visual Artists

What Creators Are Saying

We’re always looking for new sponsors and creative ways to generate cash flow without affecting our listeners’ experience. BackersBox is a FANTASTIC opportunity for our audience to help us without even feeling it. We are grateful to have been given an opportunity that benefits not only us but our audiences as well!

Cate Meighan

Owner & Boom Radio

I am an independent musician always looking for new ways to reward fans who support me. This is a very unique and cheaper way for them to get necessities while supporting me.

B. B. Kates

California based indie musician

This can allow me to afford subscription based services such as Toon Boom Harmony, Adobe Creative Cloud and purchase new art software or hardware, not to mention paying bills, rent and the sort during hard times. At the end of the day, my fans get some great products and support me financially. It’s a win win for the both of us.

Myles Fontana

Canadian freelance illustrator and concept artist

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What is BackersBox?

BackersBox is a subscription commerce crowdfunding platform for all kinds of creators.

We ship monthly personal care essentials to your fans/supporters at discounts and pass the profit to you.

This way, your fans get a rewarding and cost-free way to back you.

How much is the box?

The box is priced at $19.99

What goodies will my backers receive in the box?

Your box contains high quality daily hygiene essentials including shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, body wash, toothpaste, shaving razor and shaving cream.

Where does BackersBox ship to?

Currently, the box ships to your backers within the US and Canada.

How much can I earn per box?

$3 flat for every box shipped.

I have signed up. Now what?

The subscription box product will be assigned to your store. Meanwhile you should configure your storefront from your dashboard. You will be notified to start sharing with your fans as soon as your box is ready.

What is my responsibility as a BackersBox creator?

Sharing and earning! Seriously? Hell yeah! Because we do all the heavy lifting.

I'm already on Patreon. Can I still join BackersBox?

Absolutely! Because unlike Patreon, you don’t need to commit to creating new content every month and it cost your fans literally $0 to support you.

I'm already on Ko-fi/BuyMeACoffee, Can I still join BackersBox?

Absolutely! Because we don’t just give you a donation button. We give you a full-fledged service that fulfills your fans daily needs and fills your wallet.

So your fans can still buy you a coffee whenever they have extra bucks while supporting you through their monthly budget with us.

Since BackersBox is free for creators how do you make money?

We negotiate deeper volume discounts with our brand/distribution partners. 

We Are All Ears

If you’ve reached down here and haven’t joined already, you must have UNANSWERED QUESTIONS about how it works or whether BackersBox is right for you.