By sharing your BackersBox Storefront regularly and creatively, you could turn more fans and supporters into subscribers.

Here are some quick tips on different ways you can introduce BackersBox to your fans:

  • Link your BackersBox storefront from all of your social profiles’ bio.
  •  Use our buttons on your website or blog to link to your storefront.
  •  Always share your storefront upon posting or publishing your creative work.
  •  Only a tiny percentage of your fans will see a tweet, blog post or share, so pin your tweet and keep sharing your storefront regularly.

NOTE: Ask friends, family and superfans to be the first to support.

1. Copy your Storefront link.

2. Download the buttons from our brand assets here. You can choose from deferent colors to fit your website design.

Download BackersBox Buttons

3. In your website’s page or blog  upload the button as media.

Support us on BackersBox

3. Add your Storefront link to the button image and publish or update the page or blog post.